Wordpress vs bBlog

The blogsphere has lost a potentially great blogging application, this is how we have to refer to bBlog. As you may know bBlog was a PHP coded blogging platform much like all others out there but this one had a very clean and simple admin interface which unlike Blosxom was truly simply and intuitive.

If you liked how Windows 2000 organized its programs (much like earlier versions of the operating system) then you would have understood this great blogging platform (bBlog) but as we stated, the guys at bBlog have ceased all operations related to maintaining and supporting the project, it says so right on the home page. If you think about it, this is what happens when large enterprises or incredibly good applications emerge, those who try to compete on their own often end up loosing.

When it comes to software development a series of interested individuals is required to test and refine the final product to appeal potential users, bBlog apparently didn’t have the man power or proper motivation to keep their project alive which is why they decided to close their doors. This leaves more room for other already big scripts to take the remaining market share when it comes to the blogsphere.

Storefront Aspects:

Much like Wordpress, bBlog relied on three column themes which resembled those used by Wordpress this also includes the basic blue theme Wordpress ships with “Kubrick”. bBlog’s theme page shows that only 9 themes were developed during the years of operation, this lets you know why many users when to Wordpress for their blogging needs; Wordpress on the other hand has thousands of themes with at least 20 new coming out every week, this number increases if we include all the enthusiasts/designers who develop unique blog interfaces and themes for their clients.

Admin Aspect and Organization:

This is where bBlog’s potential lied, the way the blogging script was organized resembled Win 2K menus. Wordpress has a top menu bar which breaks down into several subcategories according to the amount of plugins installed or to show extended options, bBlog had a sidebar which displayed all the elements on the right side of the window, the interface and design of every area looked very clean so this would have been a great blogging platform for new users

bBlog sidebar showed the following menus: post, archives, comments, links, RSS Fetcher, RSS linker, sections, user manager, plugins, options, about and docs; as you see it was a very compact sidebar navigation where you would have been able to modify almost all aspects of your blog quickly and easily, a great feature was the RSS fetcher which apparently allowed users to grab news RSS feeds and syndicate them on their sites, the RSS linker seemed to be quite useful as well. The sections tab allowed users to modify their blog categories, it showed the URL name and the actual name but again the interface was very clean which made things easy for previous users.

bBlog disappearance from the blogsphere will certainly be missed, luckily for us Wordpress is quite clean and simple to use and like most active scripts supported by a great team and community the source code will continue to be improved and improved through time.

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