Wordpress vs Blog-City

Today’s blogging solutions to be reviewed are Wordpress and Blog-City, starting with the latter one. Blog-City just like Weblogger’s Manila is a service based solution for today’s individual blogger or businesses. These two scripts offer content management systems capabilities bur Blog-City attempts to take things even further by throwing a Wiki as well as forum extensions into the mix. Lets analyze the main differences between these two options.


First and foremost, the main difference between the two is that Blog-City is offered as a service so you have to pay to use the script, the price ranges from $4.50 per month or $45 a year for individual blogs and there are several packages for businesses which range between $99.88-$299.98 per month or $1000 to $2000 per year. Wordpress is free all the way, this includes current versions for single users, upgrades and the MU version which allows users and businesses to deploy and entire blog network with several user and content controls.

Blogs Included, Bandwidth and Disk Space:

Blog city offers 1 blog with their personal version which has 2GB of monthly data transfer and 100MB of disk space; their business specification varies, for instance the amount of blogs allowed with their business packages goes from 3-20, the bandwidth allowance with the cheapest package is 5GB a month and the most expensive package allows 100GB of monthly data transfer; when it comes to disk space their cheapest business package includes 1GB of disk space and the most expensive one goes up to 50GB.

Wordpress on the other hand can be hosted in your own server, no matter if it is virtual, collocated, dedicated, etc. you have no restrictions as far as the number of blogs you are allowed to have (1 to one million), virtual hosting packages support Wordpress and they allow several Terabytes of data transfer a month for $6-$14 a month, this includes virtually limitless disk space, databases and email accounts. It is no secret that virtual hosting has gotten cheaper and cheaper over time, so with a cheap virtual hosting account you can deploy several blogs with almost no restrictions.

Hits and Entries:

Blog-City single account is limited to 2000 entries and the entries allowed for business packages are unlimited, the same goes for the amount of Wiki entries, when it comes to forwarded email aliases users personal users are allowed 10 and business clients unlimited aliases. Using a virtual host you have no restrictions as far as the number of entries, however you need to check with the hosting provider and ask them if their virtual accounts are capped by hits, virtual accounts support unlimited email accounts.

Wiki and Forums:

This is one of the main characteristics Blog-City tries to promote in order to set themselves apart, however Wordpress matches this feature by integrating a forum plugin or integration of bbPress into the Wordpress blogging platform, bbPress is quite elegant and simple which blends perfectly with any blog. If blog administrators would like a more powerful forum solution they can easily install phpBB which is free and the most popular and powerful forum management system. As far as Wikis go there are several free options such as DokuWiki, MediaWiki (which resembles the look and feel of Wikipedia) and pmWiki.

As you see there are several solutions which can replace Blog-City’s services, however if you like having technical support all the step of the way and getting everything in one package you might want to try Blog-City, all others would be just fine with Wordpress.

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