Top 5 Best Killer Tips and Tricks For Organic SEO

Search engines are the most important factor for any successful online business because 97% of the people who need to find a product or service will use a search engine, especially Google. If one online business is not at the top of Google for the most important keywords, it will lose up to 99% of its traffic and revenue because no one will simply come to your business, website or blog after it's built.

Here are the simplest tips to spice up your program positions with organic SEO.

1. Get links from all profiles you have. If you have profiles on LinkedIn, Hi5, Orkut, anywhere – just add a link back to the website or blog you want to promote because that will count as a voting link and will also send traffic from these sources, real people, interested in want you have to offer.

2. Get links from all the forums you can find. Create a list of high traffic highly targeted forums and write for all of them on a daily basis and add a link back to your website or blog. This will send you people with real problems and with money to buy products online. These days blogs rank really high on Google so expect a lot of traffic to come. Of course you would like to make new content on a day to day otherwise nobody will ever come. You need to create new interesting threads that help people and create a lot of buzz. If you manage to make it, you will see a lot traffic coming every hour.

3. Get links from Blogger blogs. Blogger is that the ultimate blog creator tool and if you create many blogs with content and links, you'll see a traffic explosion. Blogger blogs are super-fast, they allow affiliate links and advertisements, so you can monetize them in a way that if a reader does not click the link to go to your main website, at least he will click advertisements and make you some extra money.

4. Get links from WordPress blogs. WordPress does not allow making money directly from your blogs but at least you can send people to your main website or blog where you make the real money. WordPress blogs rank high on Google and have powerful voting powers, provided these blogs also do have links to them.

5. Get links from Facebook Fan Pages. It’s so easy to make one and promoting it. Facebook Fan Pages are indexed by Google making them perfect to promote a website and boost its ranks since Facebook Fan Pages have a lot of voting power.

As you'll see, ranking high on search engines is all a matter of links. I read during a Google SEO book that the foremost important number your website or blog will ever have is that the number of links from other pages to your page. 

The book also stated that to beat the biggest websites and blogs which appear at the top for small keywords like “music” you need to have more than 100.000 links high highly important pages, so imagine how hard it will be to get that 90% traffic from search engines. 

However, if you dedicate your life to such pursue, in the right niche you will become a millionaire in a few years just selling your products or affiliate products.

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