Wordpress vs Blojsom

Unlike any other blogging application reviewed so far, we have the first blog platform which is written in Java and can be deployed to any java application server, we are talking about Blojsom.  Most blogging scripts are written in PHP which is why this script sets itself apart. Just like Wordpress, Blojsom is an open source blogging script which is available for free to anyone interested in a different tool capable of handling multiple blogs, and each blog can handle multiple users.  Lets take a good look at the features and capabilities of both scripts.

Multiple Blogs / Multiple Users:

This is one of the key features found in Blojsom, the script has been designed to manage several other blogs with just one installation, each blog could have several users as well, if you are a Wordpress user you know you can do the very same thing with the wordpress MU version which is aimed at blog network owners and big organizations. In both scripts permission can be set to users in order to control what their roles are and what areas they are able to access.

Entry Format:

This is also a feature in which both scripts are very similar, they both produce permalinks which link to individual posts within the blog, the permalinks can be adjusted or tweaked to be user and search engine friendly; they can also follow the month/day/year format or any other format specified in the administration area. All entries can be properly categorized so that users may find the content easily without spending much time and a Calendar based navigation is also available on both scripts, if you are a Wordpress user you will find Blojsom very familiar in this aspect.

Plugins and Event/Listeners:

This is where we see some major differences among these two scripts, Blojsom ships with over 50 plugins which extend the core capabilities however these scripts are very common and offer nothing special; compared to the incredibly vast library of plugins offered by Wordpress and those developed by the community we have to conclude that Blojsom falls short in this area.  Wordpress ships without many plugins, except the Hello Dolly plugin and the spam control plugin called Akismet.  Blojsom has a useful “event and listener” API which can send and receive events.

Themes and Storefront Appearance:

While both scripts can be customized to fit your needs, Wordpress can be tweaked easily because there are thousands of pre-made themes offered by the site or by the community.  Blojsom’s themes are not very visually attractive which is why you must create your own themes, a task that may result difficult, time consuming and unnecessary since Wordpress has a wide variety of them which only need to be uploaded to the themes directory and applied, so you need almost no HTML or PHP knowledge to customize them.

Blojsom (not to be confused with Bloxsom) is a great and useful blogging tool however if you want to be able to expand your blog’s capabilities you will need several plugins which are not offered by the Blojsom site, the same goes for the customization options and themes available.

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