Google Reader : It’s time to pack up

Google announce to it is shutting down Google Reader completely on July 1, 2013. Reader was One of Google’s web-based application that allow public subscribe to news feeds from their preferred wesites. That is a embarrassment, because Reader was pretty immense.
Even as RSS has perhaps seen its prime come and go, Google Reader was famous not only for its features, but for the energetic community it fostered for which Reader was not just one more tool. Sure it was radical in terms of purpose, but furthermore it was adored.
Reader grew out of Blogger. In the summer of 2004, Jason Shellen — who had come to Google with the Blogger attainment — was worked on Google’s Atom specification. Jason Shellen asked a Blogger engineer Chris Wetherell if it would be promising to construct an in-browser XML-parser to make intelligence of all these feeds. This little tool becomes Google Reader. Shellen liked the product, but could not get the go ahead from Google to start on it under its social program, so he took it to Marissa Mayer, who was running Google’s consumer web services. Mayer gave Reader the green-light–provided the team would narrow piece out its social features.
It debuted in 2005 as a formal Google Labs product. It developed a number of new features, such as the ability to determine what you had read on a per-post basis. And 2007 it outgrew Labs and forward as his own product (via a post from the marketing manager Kevin Systrom, who would go on instagram found). And slowly, social crawled back in.
Reader gave users the facility to friend, follow and share stories with others. It allows readers share stories with each other, and also comments on them. It was a place not only to read new stories, but to share and discuss them with friends. It was a discovery tool and a shop in one.
However, Google can native parts removed and replaced with a Google + sharing option in 2011. That was effectively the end of the reader community, many members deplored the public loss.
And now, the entire product is going away for good. This wasn’t exactly unforeseen. Reader had long been basically ignored, its updates were few and far between. Last month, when many users started reporting problems, Google simply ignored the issue for several days before even commenting on it. The end of Reader has been in plain sight for some time. Wired asked Shellen if he was sad to see Google finally pull the plug.
And now, the full product away for superior. This was not accurately unpredicted. Reader had long unnoticed, are in fact updates are few and far between. Last month, when many users reporting problems started, Google just unnoticed the issue for several days before even comment on it. The end of the reader has been around for some time in plain sight. Shellen Wired asked if he was sad to see Google finally powering it off.
If you truly appreciated Google Reader’s features, Feedly is preparation to launch a replica of the service. It will give you the features, but the community is essentially gone for superior.

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