NT – The Childhood of Eternity

For some reason, I’ve always associated orange with my childhood. It’s probably because of its fruity color which then reminds me of the hot summer days when my mom made me a cold glass of orange juice.

It therefore didn’t come as a surprise that I somehow got nostalgic when I saw this theme called The Childhood of Eternity which had several shades of orange in it. Apart from the picture of a child with a balloon on the header (which is cute, I should say), the theme transports me back to the time when I was a kid myself.


It may be obvious already but the best thing that I liked about this theme is that it captures the essence of being a child. While darker shades of orange can be quite strong, the lighter shades used on this theme spells the words fun and carefree to those who see it. It’s one thing to make a great design, but it’s another thing to send out a message within the design itself.

Another great thing with this theme is that it’s simple. Bloggers who simply want to publish their thoughts on the internet can get the job done with this theme. All they have to do is upload the theme to their server, activate it and type away!


But then again, we all remember, as kids, how much we wanted to grow already so we can do what the adults do. The theme is also faced with the same problem as its simplicity also becomes its bane. While it is simple, it isn’t as flexible as its peers with three columns, for example. Well you could choose putting a lot of sidebar widgets and plugins, but then again, you’d risk creating a mess on the sidebar. With flexibility, this theme can be more mature in terms of design. But who would want a theme as cute as this to grow up? Not me.

A live demo of the theme is available.  You can download the theme here.

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