Introduction To WordPress Admin Area

Introduction To WordPress Admin Area

As I had already discussed top menu bar in WordPress admin area, I had missed a bit i.e. Screen Options and Help
wordpress admin panel menu
Screen Options : generally defines the layout of back-end Dashboard of your blog, clicking on it will open a box with many check box
Screen Options in wordpress
You can check on uncheck the checkbox depending on your need
Help : As from the name it appears to help the bloggers, there are many options, FAQ and tutorials as well as support to help bloggers
Help menu in WP
Now coming to sidebar menu in WordPress Admin Panel, generally it consists of twelve menus in the beginning and adding features to your blog i.e. plugins may increase the number
Here I am discussing each and every menu in short just to let you know about its functions, we will discuss in details about each menu in upcoming posts
WordPress admin area
Dashboard : This is the default menu when you login to WordPress admin panel where you can see a summary of your blog i.e.  customise your site, change your theme, write your first blog post etc. as in above screenshot
Posts : By the use of this menu you can create new post or manage your previous posts, also you can add new categories and tags for your posts
Media : By the use of this menu you can upload images and other media files and access the media library
Pages : By the use of this menu you can add new pages to your blog or mange pages i.e. already published on your post
Comments : By the use of this menu you can manage blog post comments left by visitors of your blog mainly used for approval of comments
Appearance : This menu controls overall look of your blog i.e. how it appears to your blog visitors, It install, manage, and customize themes, control widgets, and create menus
Plugins : By the use of this menu you can install and manage WordPress plugins, plugins are generally used to add functionality to your blog without any coding knowledge
Users : By the use of this menu you can add new users to your website, manage your website’s users and configure your user profile
Tools : This menu gives access to available tools and helps in importing and exporting content to and from your site
Settings : This menu configure your WordPress website, including setting the website title, time zone, and permalink and many more
Video Tutorials : By the use of this menu you can access to a list of tutorials present to help you in setting up your blog
Collapse Menu : Collapsing the menu partially hides it, with just the menu icons on display. This can be handy when working on smaller screened devices

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